Protect Your Home with Home Fire Sprinklers

Did you know that home fires can become deadly in as little as two minutes? Fires in today’s new houses burn faster and hotter because of synthetics, lightweight materials, and open floor plans. Installing fire sprinklers in your home is a great way to help protect what you value the most.

Fire Sprinklers Protect Your Children

8 out of 10 fire deaths happen at home. Your children are depending on you to keep them safe and one of the best ways to protect your children is to install home fire sprinklers. A fire sprinkler system will give your children the time they need to safely escape a fire.

Fire Sprinklers Protect Your Pets

Give your pets the time that is needed for them to safely escape during a fire. Fire sprinklers can extinguish flames in 90 seconds or less. Installing fire sprinklers in your home can help keep your pets safe.

Fire Sprinklers are Important for Older Adults

Some older adults may have difficulty reacting quickly to a fire. Fire sprinkler systems may save the lives of older adults by reacting automatically and quickly, extinguishing flames before the fire department arrives.

Protect People with Disabilities by Installing Sprinklers

If you are building a new home and someone in your home has a disability, it is very important to make fire safety a priority. Smoke alarms are simply not enough, especially if someone in your home will have a hard time hearing the alarm or have difficulty escaping on their own.

Home Fire Sprinklers are Smart

Make your smart home even smarter with the installation of home fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers are smart because when a fire occurs, only the sprinkler nearest the fire will activate. Sprinklers act automatically, controlling a fire while its still small. Modern fire sprinklers have concealed covers so you may not even know they are there.

Home Fire Sprinklers are Green

Fire sprinklers are green. A home fire with installed sprinklers has less greenhouse gas emissions, reduced water usage, and fewer pollutants released in sprinkler wastewater than hose water when a fire occurs.

Fire Sprinklers Protect Firefighters

Fire sprinklers protect firefighters. Fires in unsprinklered homes put responders at risk from fire, collapse, and health hazards. With fire sprinklers, everyone goes home.

W&M Installs & Services Home Fire Sprinklers

At W&M Fire Protection, we protect what you value most through the installation of home fire sprinkler systems. We design and install fire sprinklers for residential buildings in New York City in the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more.