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Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation in New York & Connecticut

The first sprinkler system was installed in 1874. While fire sprinkler technology has improved over time, the basic fire sprinkler design has not changed. Fire sprinklers remain the most reliable and cost-effective measure to reduce or prevent loss of lives and property.

Hopefully, you never have to use your fire sprinklers. But if a fire does occur, and the entire building is at risk, functioning fire sprinklers can save your possessions, your property and, most importantly, the lives of the people in the building.

W&M Fire Protection provides New York City, Long Island and Connecticut with a wide range of fire protection sprinkler systems for both new properties and retrofit projects. We offer design-build services, installation, inspection and testing to guarantee you peace of mind in your fire protection project.

Fire Protection For Residential & Commercial Buildings

W&M Fire Protection installs sprinkler systems in New York City, Long Island and Connecticut that are designed to quickly detect smoke and put out a fire. The basic fire sprinkler technology has existed for more than 100 years, and it has proven time and again to be one of the most inexpensive ways of putting out a sudden fire safely. Sprinkler systems have been protecting New York properties since the 1940s, and you can be confident that the fire sprinklers installed in your property will help keep you protected in case of a fire.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Designed for Your Application

The team at W&M Fire Protection has experience designing fire sprinkler systems in a variety of applications including commercial, residential, and retail. We will work with you to determine which type of system will work best to meet your facility’s unique needs.

When you choose W&M for your fire sprinkler system design and installation, you are choosing to work with a company that stays on the forefront of technological advancements in fire sprinkler design. We utilize BIM technology for 3D system design to help create the best solution for your application.

There are several fire sprinkler options for homes and businesses throughout New York, including semi-recessed and concealed designs that are custom colored to blend into the ceiling. As an experienced fire sprinkler contractor, W&M only offers reputable and reliable fire sprinkler brands, including Viking, Tyco, Victaulic, Croker and more, and they can design a system that will minimize water damage if a fire does occur.

We design & install several types of fire sprinkler systems including:

  • Wet System Sprinklers
  • Dry System Fire Sprinklers
  • Deluge Systems
  • Pre-action Systems Sprinklers
  • Mist Sprinkler Systems
  • Early Suppression, Fast Response Systems
  • In-Rack Sprinkler Systems

Installation & Service For Fire Sprinklers

W&M is a full-service fire protection contractor which means we design, install, test, inspect, and service your sprinkler systems. After your system is designed, our team of qualified technicians will install your fire sprinklers in accordance with NFPA standards. We can continue to assist you after the installation of your system by providing initial testing as well as ongoing inspectionsas often as required by NFPA standards or local code. We also can repair or replace your fire sprinkler system if it breaks down.

Request A No Obligation Quote

Let W&M be the fire sprinkler company of choice for your property in New York or Connecticut. We are ready to help you get your building protected through the installation of a fire protection system. If you need a new fire sprinkler system for your building, request a quote online now or call the location nearest you today.

Is your Sprinkler System Ready for Winter?

Freezing temperatures can cause costly damage to improperly maintained sprinkler systems and impair their ability to provide life safety and protection. Find out if your system is Winter Ready. Download our winter checklist.

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