Fire Suppression Systems & Services

Whether it’s an aircraft hangar, refinery, chemical processing facility or data center, our Special Hazards department will tackle the most challenging fire suppression sprinkler system project. W&M Fire Protection Company has been designing, installing, and servicing fire protection systems for companies along the east coast for over 70 years.

Fire Suppression Systems That Protect You And Your Assets

W&M installs a variety of fire suppression systems and detection systems to offer the highest level of protection of lives and property while satisfying the most stringent loss control or insurance underwriter requirements. No matter what type of facility or special hazard you work with, W&M Fire Protection Company can design a fire suppression system that will help protect your facility, the people that work there, and the assets inside.

Our design staff and technicians are factory trained and certified.

Special Hazards Fire Suppression

Our Clean Agent products are preferred for use in telecommunications and data processing centers and switch gear rooms, cell sites and other water sensitive applications. Many are U.S. Green Building Council/LEED recognized. W&M installs numerous high expansion foam systems to protect military and private aircraft hangars throughout the northeast. We also offer protection solutions for flammable liquid or chemical storage and processing. W&M Company has been providing full-service fire protection for customers in NY, CT, PA, NH, MA and NJ since 1946 and have years of experience with each different manufacturers’ systems and applications of use throughout a variety of industries.

Fire Suppression Systems We Have Designed & Installed:

Inergen Fire Suppression

This highly effective gaseous suppression system uses a mixture nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide to extinguish a fire. It does no harm to the environment and is safe to use in occupied buildings. This system works well for data rooms, laboratories, and archives. Inergen can be easily stored remotely from the area to be protected which will save space.

FM-200 Systems

An FM-200 fire suppression system uses a fast-acting fire suppression agent that extinguishes a fire through heat absorption. It is clean, colorless, and leaves no residue which minimizes clean up and downtime after a fire. FM-200 is environmentally friendly and safe for humans.

Novec 1230

This is a clean agent fire suppressant that has low global warming potential and is safe to use in human occupied areas. It extinguishes an area in seconds, leaves no residue, and is electrically non-conductive. Novec 1230 works well in areas where electronics and important documents need to be protected.

Watermist Fire Suppression

A water mist system uses very small water droplets to extinguish a fire through cooling the flames and displacing oxygen. Water mist systems are very efficient and minimize water damage. They can be used on a wide variety of fires and are safe for the environment and people.

CO2 Fire Suppression

This fire suppression system uses CO2 to reduce the oxygen level in the air so that combustion can no longer occur. It works quickly to extinguish a fire and requires no clean up. CO2 fire suppression systems are effective in paint booths, engine rooms, and electrical areas.

Victaulic Vortex (Water & Gas)

A Victaulic Vortex system uses both small water droplets and nitrogen gas to reduce oxygen and absorb heat to extinguish a fire. No clean up is needed after a fire and nearly zero wetting occurs when the system is discharged. This system is safe for the environment and for people.

Clean Agent and suppression product manufacturers we proudly represent:

Fire Suppression Services

After installation of your suppression system, W&M can provide you with fire suppression services to keep your system working properly. We are a full-service fire protection company and we can inspect, test, and repair your system. We also offer 24-hour emergency services to assist you if your fire suppression system breaks down unexpectedly.

If you need fire suppression services, W&M designs and installs fire suppression systems for buildings in NY, CT, PA, NH, MA and NJ. Call the branch nearest you or request a quote online to learn more about our fire protection systems.

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