NYC Executive Order 12 Calls for Sensible Retrofit Sprinkler Legislation

In response to the January 9th fire that left 17 people dead in the Bronx, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has signed Executive Order 12 that aims to strengthen enforcement and outreach of fire safety measures. This Order states that city agencies and the City Council are working on additional “fire safety” legislation including sensible sprinkler retrofit legislation.

Preventing Fatal Apartment Fires

The Twin Parks North West fire was the deadliest fire that New York City has seen since 1990 when 87 people died in an intentionally set fire in a Bronx nightclub. The fire was started by a space heater in a third-floor unit and caused deadly smoke to spread throughout the building when the apartment door failed to close as occupants evacuated.

Local Law 111 of 2018 requires all multifamily residential buildings to be equipped with self-closing doors which would prevent the spread of smoke and fire throughout the building. Executive Order 12 is calling for stronger enforcement of this law as well as enforcement of 3 RCNY $401-06 which requires landlords to post fire safety information including “close the door” signs and fire safety guides and checklists.

Fire Sprinkler Retrofits

While fire safety measures such as postings, bulletins and self-closing doors are very important, one of the most effective ways to prevent fire related injuries and deaths in apartment buildings is through fire sprinkler systems.

Executive Order 12 is calling for sensible fire sprinkler retrofit legislation in NYC. The Bronx apartment building in the January 9th fire had fire sprinklers in the compactor and the laundry room, per current code requirements. The building had no fire escapes which were not required when it was built in the early 1970s, but it was considered non-combustible with concrete-poured floors and ceilings, and it had 90-minute rated fire doors as well as working fire alarms. While those fire protection measures are important, having a fully sprinklered building is the most effective way to control or extinguish a fire and save lives.

Fire sprinkler systems work quickly and automatically, springing into action much faster than it takes the fire department to arrive at the scene of the fire. New fire sprinkler retrofit legislation could help to save lives of countless New Yorkers who live in older high-rise buildings that were built before fire sprinklers were required.

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