What Can We Learn from Wildfires?

While we deal primarily with sprinkler and fire prevention technology installation, and have spent a bulk of this blog discussing those things, we also feel it’s important to discuss what’s going on in the fire community as a whole – the trends, the major events, and so on. And it would be remiss for us not to mention wildfires.

Wildfires are a serious problem, especially out west, and although we can’t install sprinkler systems out in the nature, there some ways to prevent or, at the very least, make wildfires less disastrous.

According to Climate Central, we have a lot more work to do when it comes to handling and studying wildfires. John Upton writes, “Experts say the keys to adapting Western lives to these wildfire risks lie in how fires and the lands that fuel them are managed; and in how yards, neighborhoods and cities planned, built and run.”

Wildfires, while naturally occurring, are amped up by human activity. Many brush- and wildfires out west, in places like Los Angeles, are fueled by things like built up detritus such as pine needles, dead leaves, and trash. At the very least, we can clean up that stuff and make sure that so when a wildfire does occur, it won’t be on steroids.

Although installing sprinklers will not alter the devastation caused by a wildfire, they will assist in suppressing any fire that may start inside your home or business.

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