Start the New Year with the Installation of a Sprinkler System

Happy New Year from W & M Fire Protection! A fresh start for us all, the new year offers an opportunity to make positive changes in our lives and homes. And one great change you can make is installing a sprinkler system. While no one expects a fire to start in their home or business, accidents happen and there is no such thing as being too safe. With a fire protection system, you will feel a sense of security knowing that if a fire does start, your sprinklers will have it under control quickly, minimizing damage the potential for injuries to occur. Here are just a few reasons that a sprinkler system is right for your home:

Quick Response

As quickly as firefighters respond, they are nowhere near as fast as sprinkler systems. Activated by heat, a sprinkler head will turn on within 60 seconds of a fire’s start, preventing the flames from growing out of control and reducing the amount of damage that occurs to your property and the chance that your loved ones will be hurt by the flames.

Individual Activation

Another great benefit of a sprinkler system is the way that it is activated. One big misconception about sprinkler systems is that when a fire starts, every sprinkler head will turn on, drenching your home or business in gallons of water. Although this does happen in the movies, sprinklers don’t work the same way in real life. When a fire starts, only the sprinkler head nearby will be activated, quickly dousing the flames while reducing the amount of damage in your home.

Less Water Damage

Unlike fire hoses that release up to 125 gallons of water per minute, sprinklers only release 8 to 24 gallons, putting out small fires efficiently and without causing extensive damage to the rest of your home.

If you are interested in starting 2016 with a fire sprinkler system, contact W & M Fire Protection for a quote today. The new year is also a great time to have testing performed on current systems, so if you are due for your annual service, schedule an appointment today at 888-437-1487. We hope you enjoy a happy, healthy and safe new year!