Sprinkler System Saves Lives in Louisville

Sometimes it feels that you never hear positive fire news stories. What we mean is that you don’t see that many news stories about sprinkler systems saving lives and preventing fires from becoming smoky behemoths; you tend to see the opposite, especially this month with the Fourth of July. It seemed like wherever you looked there were stories of football players blowing off fingers or a faulty firework starting a fire in someone’s backyard. It was a tough pill to swallow. So let’s take the time to talk about a news story that showcases the strength of sprinklers!

In Louisville, KY, a sprinkler system at a recycling facility prevented a fire from reaching its potential. WLKY reported, “The sprinkler system is being credited for making what could have been a potentially bad situation controllable. Officials said that the fire could have been much worse considering the large inventory of cardboard and other paper products inside.”

Having a sprinkler system installed prevented that fire from getting out of control and burning down the building entirely, but it’s not all about the building; at the height of the blaze, more than 80 firefighters were working to put it out. If a sprinkler system wasn’t installed, the blaze would’ve been stronger, which meant that more firefighters would’ve had to fight it. That of course would’ve put those firefighters in even more danger. There were also 18 employees in the building at the time of the fire. Now imagine if that fire reached its potential? We could be looking at some fatalities, but thankfully there was a sprinkler system installed.

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