Some New Homes in Maryland Require Fire Sprinklers

We’re here yet again with another update regarding the ongoing fight to include fire sprinkler systems in every home. Beginning on July 1, any new single or two family homes that are built in St. Mary’s County, Maryland will need to have a fire sprinkler. There are a few limitations of this law, which we’ll get to. But this is yet another promising sign that people are finally starting to realize how effective sprinkler systems are at saving lives and preventing property damage.

As we said, this law is not quite as far reaching as we would like. It doesn’t apply to any existing homes, and as it stands right now, it will only be required when a house is built on an individual well. There are also a few exemptions to the law that have been proposed, but whether or not they are granted remains to be seen.

St. Mary’s County could already been seen as a progressive area when it comes to this issue. That’s because since 2008 all new homes on central water systems have had fire sprinklers installed. This new regulation is just the next step in a multi-year plan that will hopefully see all homes within the county, and maybe the state, come complete with a fire sprinkler.

We’re always on the lookout for news regarding fire sprinkler safety across the country, so make sure you check back frequently for more updates. For more information about the importance of fire sprinklers, or if you need one for your building, give us a call today!