A Single Sprinkler Saving Lives

It’s not every day that you get to see sprinklers saving lives, but occasionally the news will pick up on it, or it will happen around you and then you get to see just how much these devices have protected people over the years; sometimes even without the need of a firefighter to report to the scene.

That’s the case for some people, such as a blind man in Minneapolis who had a single sprinkler in his home in the kitchen completely snuff out an accidentally stove fire. Or an entire fitness center that was saved from burning to the ground by one sprinkler who kept a fire down until firefighters could arrive on the scene. These are just a few of the situations that have occurred over the past few weeks and resulted in a single fire sprinkler saving people’s lives and homes with little more than some charred areas.

The problem is we just don’t give enough credit to these sprinkler systems, which is why we see a number of cities and places that continually try to remove their sprinkler system. Of course, it is understandable with the cost that sprinklers can be to go against laws that force them to be in homes. But for public places, sprinklers can provide entire public safety and that seems like an area that is important to everyone.

Maybe you don’t want sprinklers in your home, because of the water standby cost, or the water damage, but chances are if you are in a burning building that is open to the public, you’d want sprinklers to come down to make sure that fire is suppressed so that you can get out. And if that is the case, why not the same thing in a home? Out of anything in your house, from a gun to a security alarm system, sprinklers happen to be one of the most assured security systems. They will work 96% of the time on actually extinguishing a fire in your home, and the other 4% they will suppress a fire and give plenty of time for firefighters to help the rest of the way.

If we all had sprinklers, the job of a firefighter would become a lot simpler and less hectic. So what can a single sprinkler do for you?