Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinklers for New Homes in New York and Tri-State Area

Benefits of Home Fire Sprinklers

Did you know that homes fires can be deadly in two minutes or less? Fires in new homes are more deadly due to the use of materials that burn faster and create deadly smoke when they burn. Installing home fire sprinklers can protect your home and your family. Home fire sprinklers can detect a fire and stop the spread of the fire while it is still small, giving you and your family time to escape safely.

Home fire sprinklers can:

  • Limit damage to your home
  • Give your family time to escape
  • Control fire, heat and smoke
  • Activate only the sprinkler head closest to the fire
  • Easily blend into ceilings
  • Reduce water needed to fight a home fire by as much as 91%

Residential Fire Sprinkler Installation

W&M Fire Protection provides fire sprinkler installation for homes in New York and Connecticut. Installing a sprinkler system in your new home is one of the best ways to protect your home and your family from a fire. Our team of NICET certified technicians can design and install a sprinkler system that will protect your home, comply with NFPA standards and be aesthetically pleasing.

Inspections, Testing and Repair

Residential fire sprinkler systems need to be inspected and tested on a regular basis. W&M Fire Protection makes this easy by scheduling inspections when it works for you with minimal disruption to your home. If something goes wrong with your sprinkler system, our team is always just a phone call away. We provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For home builders and developers:

Potential trade ups for home builders & developers:

  • Street-Width Reduction: Traffic lanes may be narrowed, substantially reducing the amount of pavement in every linear foot of street in the development.
  • Longer Dead-End Streets: Dead-end streets may be increased in length, allowing additional building lots to be accessed.
  • Tee Turnarounds Permitted: The permitted use of tee turnarounds in sprinklered developments can create at least one additional lot per cul-de-sac.
  • Increased Street Grades and Building Setbacks: Steeper street grades and building locations further from paved fire vehicle access may be permitted.
  • Additional Units Permitted: Although the actual percentage may vary, increases up to 20% are not uncommon.
  • Expansion of Existing Water Supply May Not Be Needed: Required fire flows for fully sprinklered developments can be greatly reduced compared to non-sprinklered developments.
  • Increased Hydrant Spacing: Supply mains may be reduced and hydrant spacing can be increased.
  • Decreased Death Rates and Property Loss: Over time, communities with fully sprinklered developments should see a decrease in fire death rates and property loss.
  • All leading to lower construction costs
  • Peace of mind from the effects of fire for homeowners and their families on their new investments.

Request a Quote for Residential Fire Sprinklers

We are ready to protect your home through the installation of a residential fire sprinkler system. If you are interested in a fire sprinkler system for your new home, request a quote from W&M Fire Protection today.