Quarterly Inspection & Testing of Anti-Freeze System

The State Fire Code requires you to inspect, test, and maintain fire protection systems in an operative condition. All inspection, testing and maintenance records are required to be kept on file at the premises. Any questions concerning regulatory requirements for fire protection
systems should be directed to your municipal code enforcement authority. W & M Sprinkler will notify you in writing of any condition or deficiency discovered requiring correction or repair. Any authorized repair/maintenance work will be performed either as quoted or on a time and material basis.

• (Annually) Attempt to visually inspect all known portions of system for exterior condition
of sprinklers, piping, hangers, valves, gauges, and fire department connection from floor
level only.
• (Annually) Operate all known control valves and seal valves in proper position.
• (Annually) Attempt to visually verify proper sprinkler orientation, temperature rating, and
obvious obstructions from floor level only.
• (Annually) Verify appropriate quantities and types of sprinkler heads and wrenches in
• (Quarterly) Verify operation of water flow alarm to building Fire Alarm Panel and remote
monitoring facility (if equipped).
• (Annually) Perform main drain flow test and record static and residual pressures (weather
• (Semi-Annually) Verify operation of valve supervisory switches to building Fire Alarm
Panel and remote monitoring facility (if equipped).
• (Annually) Sample test anti-freeze solution for specific gravity and freezing point.
• (Quarterly) Affix inspection tags, date, and initial.
• Furnish completed inspection/test forms.
Excluded Work:
• Visual inspection of systems or portions of in inaccessible spaces.
• Replenishing or replacement of Anti-freeze solution.
• Any and all NFPA, State, and local requirements in excess of above stated.

Licensed by the NYS Dept of State – UID# 12000244389, UID#12000281635, UID#12000259060

Rev. 07-28-10