Portland Apartment Saved by Fire Sprinkler

The majority of residential properties today still do not have fire sprinkler systems installed in them, a fact that is a concern of ours and many organizations around the country. Time and time again people have demonstrated the effectiveness of sprinkler systems in putting out and containing fires. There have been more than just demonstrations however, with plenty of real world examples happening every month. Recently, a sprinkler system stopped an apartment fire in Portland from spreading beyond a kitchen.

The fire happened at Sacred Heart Villa in Southeast Portland, a senior housing community. It started in the kitchen, and the sprinkler system kicked in right away to put it out. Firefighters arrived on the scene to find that the fire had already been put out, and one resident was treated for smoke inhalation. They used water vacuums to clean up the water left by the sprinkler, but other than that there was no damage caused by the incident.

We’re very happy to hear that this senior housing community was potentially saved because a proper sprinkler system was in place. Not that the firefighters would not have been able to do their jobs, but it could have potentially spread and injured more residents by the time they arrived. The sprinkler system ensured that the fire was contained to one housing unit and one room only.
This is just the latest in real world incidents that demonstrate how effective sprinkler systems are at fighting fires. For more fire sprinkler news from around the world, stay tuned to WM Sprinkler!