NYC Standpipe and Sprinkler Color Coding… Seeing Red.

We recently received a call from a building owner in New York City who received a violation due to the improper color coding of his standpipe and sprinkler system. Unfortunately this building owner was not aware of Local Law 58/09 which went into effect back in February of 2010. This law states…

Standpipe & Exposed Sprinkler Piping

All buildings, no matter the size or occupancy, must have all exposed standpipes and sprinkler piping painted red. The law does, however outline specific exceptions, such as branch piping

Standpipe Valve Handles

Dedicated standpipe valve handles must be painted red.

Combination standpipe valve handles must be painted yellow.

Dedicated sprinkler valve handles must be painted green.

Color Coding Certification

Building Under Construction The special inspector will confirm compliance before the walls are enclosed.

Existing Buildings
Owners of buildings with exposed sprinkler piping and standpipes must comply and hire one of four types of contractors to certify the color coding:

  • Licensed master plumbers;
  • Licensed master fire suppression piping contractors;
  • Registered design professionals; or
  • People with the appropriate Fire Department Certificate of Fitness.

Proof of Color Coding Certification The color coding certification must be kept on the premises at all times for Buildings and Fire Department inspection.

For the full documentation of Local Law 58/09 can be found here.

If you would like help with complying to law58/09 or obtaining a color coding certification, you can contact us with any questions.