NYC Backflow Testing

NYC Backflow Testing is required by the New York City Department of Environmental Control (DEP) upon installation and on an annual basis, thereafter. Each backflow device must be tested by a New York State Certified Backflow Prevention Device Tester and a test report (FORM GEN-215B) certifying that the backflow prevention device is operating properly must be submitted by the owner, within 30 days of the test, to the DEP.

Backflow Prevention Device Testing Requirements

Form GEN-215B must be filled out for initial and re-certification testing. The initial test following installation requires that part A, B, C and D be completely filled out. Part B must be filled out by a Certified Backflow Prevention Device Tester. Part C must be completed by a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect (PE/RA). Part D must be completed by a Professional Licensed Master Plumber. For annual re-certification testing only parts A and B are required to be completed.

Within 30 days following the installation and initial test of a backflow device, a completed form with original ink signatures and original ink or impressed seals must be sent to…

Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Permitting & Inspections
Cross Connection Control Unit
59-17 Junction Boulevard, 3rd Fl. Low-Rise Flushing, NY 11373

Failed Backflow Tests

The DEP states that “defects in any device tested shall be repaired within thirty (30) days, and the repair shall be followed by a retest. Retest results shall be submitted to the Department within thirty (30) days of completion of the repair. Failure of a building owner or customer to provide an annual test report certifying that an existing backflow prevention device installed pursuant to this section or otherwise is properly
operating shall be a violation of these rules.”

W&M Fire Protection is a NYC licensed fire suppression contractor and offers a variety of backflow prevention services, including maintenance, testing, repair, design, and engineering. Our technicians are New York State Certified Backflow Prevention Device Testers and we service the 5 boroughs; Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. If you would like a quote for any service you can contact us by filling out our online form or calling 914-741-2222.