Myth: A smoke alarm is all the fire protection your home needs.

If your shirt was on fire, would you rather I tell you about it or put it out? Smoke alarms alert occupants to the presence of danger, but residents can’t rely on smoke alarms alone to keep them safe from fires. many high-risk populations– infants, children, people with disabilities, older adults – can have difficulty hearing smoke alarms, difficulty being wakened by smoke alarms, or difficulty reacting quickly
and effectively enough for safe escape.

Home fire sprinkler systems respond quickly to reduce heat, flames and smoke from a fire, giving residents valuable time to exit safely. Working smoke alarms reduce the risk of dying by 50 percent if a home fire occurs, while sprinklers decrease your risk of dying by about 80 percent.Fire sprinklers provide a level of protection that no other fire protection technology can offer. Smoke alarms are essential: they provide valuable early warning. Fire sprinklers immediately respond to a fire while it is still small, controlling the spread of deadly heat, flames and toxic smoke – whether or not the occupants have appropriately responded to the signaling smoke alarm. Fire sprinklers make up for human error, and they provide a life-saving cushion for a time-consuming escape.

W&M Sprinkler is a NYC licensed fire suppression contractor and offers a variety of fire protection services, including maintenance, testing, repair, design, and engineering. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, by filling out our online form or calling 914-741-2222.

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