Minnesota Court Turns Back Fire Sprinkler Progress

More often than not we’re hearing about stories from across the country of both state and local governments implementing new laws to protect residents from fires. Most of these involve requirements to install fire sprinkler systems in new residential buildings. Unfortunately, one such requirement was recently thrown out in the state of Minnesota.

Turned Down Due to Lack of Evidence

The requirement in question would have made it a law for building contractors to install fire sprinklers in all new homes that were at least 4,500 square feet large. This requirement was struck down by a state appeals court. Making matters even worse, their stated reason for throwing out the requirement is that enough evidence wasn’t presented to make a case for its existence. While we can’t speak to the specific evidence that was presented to the court, it’s beyond clear why fire sprinklers are valuable to have in any home, regardless of its size.

Fire Sprinklers for Buildings of all Sizes

This may actually be a part of the reason why the court denied the requirement. They said they couldn’t see any reason why homes smaller than 4,500 square feet large should be exempt, why those above the threshold would not. In part, we agree with this. The size of the home shouldn’t matter. A fire sprinkler system can save lives and prevent damage in any buildings of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the result is that no new homes will have sprinkler systems installed rather than some of them.

We hope this is just a bump in the road when it comes to getting fire sprinklers in all homes across the country, and specifically in Minnesota. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if there are any changes in this case.

If you are interested in learning more about why it is important to have fire sprinkler systems in homes, contact W&M Sprinkler.