Local Law 26 – Is Your Building in Violation?

Local Law 26 was passed in 2004 which required New York City office buildings or business occupancies 100 feet tall or higher to have a fire sprinkler system retrofitted. There was a 15-year window that was established to allow property owners to get their buildings up to code. As of December 1st, the window is officially closed, and commercial building owners now must have fire sprinkler systems installed.

Buildings in Violation of LL26

According to an article published in amNew York, there are 1,100+ buildings that are still in violation of Local Law 26. Many buildings have been issued violations due to noncompliance with fire sprinkler requirements. If buildings continue to be non-compliant, building owners could face fines up to $25,000. In order to be meet the requirements of Local Law 26, building owners should:

  1. Meet with a qualified fire protection engineer who can draft an approved sprinkler system design and work permit
  2. After the approval of your sprinkler system design, your fire protection contractor will install the fire sprinkler system
  3. File a final report to document that your project has been completed

A Retrofit Challenge

Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges with compliance is that installations in older buildings can be tricky and some buildings may require relocation of business operations during the installation process. Retrofitting sprinkler systems in older buildings can be a challenge due to structural issues which can lead to a more complicated installation process. Also, in some buildings sprinkler system installations are costly. Some of these issues are causing roadblocks for building owners and leading them to remain in violation with Local Law 26.

Sprinkler Systems Save Lives

Despite the challenges that building owners may face when installing sprinkler systems, they are a great investment for the life safety of building occupants. Life safety is not something that should be taken lightly. When it comes to fire protection measures, fire sprinkler systems are one of the most effective means of saving lives during a fire. If your building does not have the required fire sprinklers, you could face liability if there is a fire in your property that causes injuries or damage.

W&M Can Provide Assistance with Local Law 26 Compliance

At W&M Fire Protection, we can assist building owners who are in violation of Local Law 26. We have engineers that can provide an approved fire sprinkler design and technicians who will take you through the sprinkler installation process. In addition, we can provide inspections after the installation process and help with the final documentation that is required to complete the compliance process. W&M Fire Protection is a trusted full-service fire protection contractor that has been serving New York City since 1993. Request a quote today to get started with your project!