Installing Sprinkler Systems in Rural Households

Installing fire sprinkler systems in commercial buildings has long been a common practice in much of the world, but similar systems in residential properties are extremely rare. However, increasingly people are calling for fire sprinklers to be installed in rural homes, especially in areas where people live very far away from their nearest fire station. Recently, a fire chief in Simcoe County, Ontario has been leading the charge, trying to convince people of the benefits that residential sprinkler systems offer.

There are several reasons why this fire chief and others are calling for people to have sprinkler systems installed in their homes. In addition to long wait times from emergency response times in rural areas, there are several other concerns this would eliminate. For example, many homes today are made with glue-laminated wood products. Materials like this burn quickly, giving people less time than ever to escape from the property in the event of a fire.

Water shortages throughout Canada and the United States are also a concern, especially in states like California. A sprinkler uses far less water to put out a small fire than firefighters need to use in order to extinguish a home engulfed in flames.

Unlike larger commercial properties, experts estimate that most homes would only need a maximum of nine sprinkler heads in order to be effective. Essentially, a sprinkler head would be placed in each of the main rooms, ensuring that no matter where someone is in the home, they will have a clear exit.

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