How to Prepare for a Fire

While sprinkler systems are instrumental when it comes to reducing loss of life and property damage in property fires, they are not the only way that you can stay safe. Having a plan is also important in order to ensure you know exactly what to do in the event of a fire. Finding yourself in the middle of a fire is not a time where you will be able to come up with a logical plan, so making one before a fire ever occurs is the best way to prepare.

Most importantly, you should come up with an escape plan that everyone who lives or works in the building is aware of. This plan should account for people who may not be on the ground level when a fire starts. Once you have an evacuation route mapped out, you should practice using it. During the drill, you should move as if there were actually a fire in the building. This means staying low to the ground and moving quickly in order to avoid smoke.

Of course, having sprinkler systems and smoke detectors installed is also a great way to prepare for a fire. Smoke detectors can alert you that something is wrong before the fire even begins to spread, and sprinkler systems can work quickly to minimize the damage and contain the flames.

In the event of a fire, you should also pick a spot that everyone will meet at outside of the property. This is the best way to regroup and ensure everyone makes it out safely. Remember, as soon as you make it out, don’t go back in. Contact emergency services immediately and allow trained professionals to put out the fire.