Home Fire Sprinkler Systems & Service: Installation, Inspection, and Repair

Home. A word with many different meanings to many people. To most, it is a noun where one lives permanently, especially as a family or household member. But it is more than just that place of dwelling; it is a place of peace and contentment where you can be yourself and unwind; it is a place where one feels safe.

Protecting your loved ones and the contents of your home is an essential piece of everyday safety. W&M Fire Protection installs fire sprinkler systems in new house construction and retrofit systems in existing homes. W&M offers complete fire protection services, including sprinkler systems that are custom designed, installed, inspected, and maintained/repaired. Each factor is essential in creating full-coverage protection for your loved ones and the valuables in your home.

Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation

Design and installation can vary from home to home, depending on the systems designed for your home environment. Having the right fire protection system to fit the layout and features of your home is critical to establishing effective fire protection.

Fire sprinklers are one of the most inexpensive and effective systems for putting out house fires. There are many options to fit your property needs, such as wet, dry, deluge, and pre-action systems. Furthermore, there are also concealed designs or custom coloring to maintain the aesthetic features of your home. Designing a system that works for your home and will be the most effective is vital. In addition, you must have a qualified installation team to install your fire protection systems to ensure they are up to standard and working correctly.

Regular System Inspections

Once you have a protection system to fit your home, performing regular inspections is essential. The NFPA states that you should get your home fire systems inspected annually, which means about nine months at minimum and 15 months maximum between inspections. Inspections include looking for leaks, corrosion, physical damage, and blockage that may affect proper performance. Regular system inspections also help detect defects early so we can make repairs, and they function in time of need.

Service and Repair

Fire systems need service during their lifetime to protect you during yours. Like regular inspections, servicing your fire systems will increase their effectiveness and longevity. Home fire sprinklers have many connecting parts, such as system controllers, sprinkler heads, and supporting connectors, that all need to work together.

W&M Home Protection Services

At W&M, we specialize in designing, installing, testing, inspecting, and servicing your sprinkler systems. We can design your system, and our team of qualified technicians will install your fire sprinklers per NFPA standards. W&M also offers regular inspections, service, and repairs, and we provide 24-hour emergency fire protection services to protect our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our home protection services.