Groups in Massachusetts Interested in Requiring Fire Sprinkler Systems in Homes

A tragic fire in Lynn, Massachusetts has individuals and groups across the state lobbying for a change in building and fire codes. The fire took place around 1 a.m. on December 4, 2015 when an apartment building was engulfed in flames, leaving four dead. Incidents like this are more common than we would like, and groups like NFSA are supporting the idea of making legal changes that will require fire sprinkler systems.

Ron Siarnicki, Executive Director of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation asks, “Why do we have to have tragedy after tragedy when we know what can solve our fire problem? Fire sprinklers are needed today.”

Home Fires Cause Loss of Lives, Property, and Money

Another fire sprinkler legislation advocate is David LaFond. A former fire chief who now works for the National Fire Sprinkler Association, LaFond wonders why legislation has not been passed to require the installation of fire sprinklers in new homes. While cost is cited as a reason not to pass this legislature, 11.6 billion dollars of property loss resulted from nationwide structural fires in 2014. This large loss of money combined with the 3,275 deaths and 15,775 injuries seems like a much higher price to pay than sprinkler installation and maintenance fees.

W&M Can Install a Sprinkler in Your Home

No matter what type of property you own, we’d like to remind you that a fire can break out when you least expect it. With one of our sprinkler systems in place, you can greatly increase your chances of escaping from a fire unharmed. For more information, contact W&M Fire Protection at 888-437-1487 today.