Giving Money to Fire Safety Groups

Growing up, did you have a fire alarm in your home? Chances are you did. It seems that years ago that fire safety commercials and advertisements were all over the place, whether Smokey Bear or some animal that let kids know the dangers posed by fires – how they can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Fire safety advocacy groups used to have a greater presence in schools. Is there a problem in this country when it comes to fire safety education?

Public Education for Fire Safety

It’s not that we want fires to happen; it’s just that there is so much on everyone’s plate, which is why it’s important for there to be donations and grant money for fire safety groups. That way, these groups can do what they do best: educate the public so you can rest easy at night. The National Fire Protection Association recently awarded grants to 16 organizations to fund sprinkler advocacy efforts throughout the country, but they’re not the only ones to dole out money. San Diego Gas & Electric is another group.

Grants for Fire Safety Groups

In this KPBS article, the City News Service reports, “San Diego Gas & Electric announced today a total of $1 million in grants were awarded to fire safe councils, community emergency response teams, and tribal community preparedness and fire prevention programs.”

Creating Safer Communities

That is a lot of money, but it’s all going to a great cause – fire safety is paramount in maintaining a safe and responsible society. John Sowers, vice president of electric distribution operations, sums it up best: “SDGE is proud to support these regional safety partners whose programs help entire communities prevent and prepare for future fires and other emergencies.”

If only more people thought like that!

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