Fire Sprinklers Save Lives

Fire sprinkler systems are used in commercial buildings in order to save property, but they are used in residential buildings in order to save lives. The Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department in Tennessee was reminded of that on Sunday, December 14, when a vacant house caught fire.

The fire started in the attic, which is actually pretty unusual. Fires rarely start from that high up in homes, which is why most residences do not have sprinkler systems in the attic. The house at 200 Jacob Drive was on the market for sale and as a result was, luckily, vacant. Investigations as to how the attic fire started are still undergoing.

The blaze was put out with minimal damage to the bottom levels of the house in the most part, because the lower level fire sprinklers went off. This saved the living room and the kitchen and prevented the fire from moving any further into the house.

The department, along with their neighboring department of Ashland City, took this opportunity to meet with community members and encourage the installation and maintenance of residential sprinkler systems. According to NFPA Standard 13D, residential sprinklers are first and foremost a life preservation tactic. In light of a local house fire, that standard becomes a bit more tangible.

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