Saving Lives with Fire Sprinklers

While many of the benefits of having a fire sprinkler system in your building are obvious, you should not overlook just how much of a difference one of these systems can make when it comes to saving lives. In many cases, firefighters will not be able to arrive on the scene for 10-15 minutes, if not longer. In that short amount of time the fire can grow and spread exponentially, with the likelihood that lives and property will be lost increasing every second.

With a sprinkler system installed in your residential or commercial property, you can rest easy knowing that the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate before it can grow. Even if the sprinkler doesn’t completely extinguish the fire, it can help to contain it, preventing it from reaches other areas of the building. This also means that heat and toxic smoke will remain contained, keeping people in other areas of the building safe until they have time to get out.

Without a sprinkler, a fire can become deadly within minutes, if not seconds. Once the fire begins spreading, the chance that combustible materials will react and explode only rises, adding to the overall danger of the situation. Even if everyone makes it out and firefighters do arrive, at that point the building may already be lost.

It is clear that the benefits of having a fire sprinkler system are invaluable, and these systems should be a part of every building. No one ever expects to be confronted with a fire in their own home or office, but if you ever are you will be glad your sprinkler system is already working to put out the flames.