Fire Safety in Public Buildings

If you are in a crowded public building, it is important to be aware of your surroundings so that you know how to react in an emergency situation. Fires can be especially deadly in busy public facilities when many people are trying to exit a building at once and it could turn into chaos. Knowing how to react in these situations can improve your safety and the safety of those around you.

Entering a Public Building

Before entering a building, you should take note of how the building looks. Does it seem to be safe? Is the main entrance wide and does the door open outward? Are the exits clear? If the building has a wide main entrance and clear exit path, it will allow large groups of people to exit safely if necessary.

Make a communication plan with your friends or family to contact in case you get separated from them in an emergency situation. Pick a meeting place outside the building with any friends or family that is with you so that you can meet up in that spot if there is an emergency.

While Inside the Building

When you are in the building, locate all available exits. Keep in mind that in an emergency the main exit may be blocked. There may be other exits in front of or behind you. Figure out which exit is the closest to you. Double check that exits are not blocked by chairs or furniture and that the exit door is not chained or locked. If there are not at least two exits available, or if exits are blocked, report the violation to management.

If at anytime while you are in the building you do not feel safe, you should exit immediately. If there are fire hazards such as candles, cigarettes or if it is overcrowded and you do not feel safe, it may be best to leave the building.

If an Emergency Occurs

If a fire occurs inside the building, exit as soon as possible. When you hear fire alarms, don’t wait, head to the nearest exit. Leave the building in an orderly fashion, don’t try to push or shove the people around you.

Once you leave the building, stay out. Do not go inside a burning building for any reason. Allow the trained professional firefighters to rescue anyone that is left in the building.

Fire Safety is our Business

At W&M, it is our job to making public buildings a safer place. We design and install fire sprinkler and suppression systems to help extinguish fires and prevent loss of life. We also inspect and service fire sprinkler systems to make sure they are functioning properly in the event of a fire. We understand how important fire safety is at W&M. We have been installing and servicing fire protection systems in New York and Connecticut buildings since 1993. If you are interested in learning more about our fire protection services, contact us today!