Practicing Fire Safety During Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving draws near, you and your family are going to busy cleaning the house, coordinating recipes and thinking about the delicious foods you will soon be enjoying together. One of the farthest thoughts from your mind is probably fire safety, but it is especially important to consider this week. With an estimated 2,100 residential fires occurring each Thanksgiving in the past few years, W & M Fire Protection would like to remind everyone to keep a watchful eye on their kitchen this Thursday.

Unattended Cooking

The leading factor in most holiday fires, leaving your stovetop unattended can be quite dangerous. Especially on a day like Thanksgiving when so many dishes are cooking at once. We recommend staying in the kitchen the entire time dinner is cooking, turning off the stovetop or asking someone to fill in if you have to leave for a few minutes. Also, try to keep children out of the room while dinner is being prepared to prevent burns and other injuries.

Flammable Materials

Items like oven mitts, towels and wooden utensils are another common cause of cooking fires. Remember to place these items away from the stove after use, keeping lids within reach to put out small grease fires if they spring up. If a fire does occur in your home, remember to get everyone outside and call 911 immediately.

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