Commercial Sprinkler Portfolio

A professional company in any field should be able to hand their prospective clients a portfolio of previous works detailing the company’s expertise. Here at W & M Sprinkler, we’ve worked with a large number of clients to create fire sprinkler and suppression systems for many settings. Our website is full of examples of our work, and where we’ve worked might surprise you.

Our location in the bustling metropolis of New York City puts us in touch with thousands upon thousands of potential customers. We’ve applied our installation, testing and maintenance techniques for engineering fire safety solutions in a variety of settings, from commercial retail to residences and even public institutions.

For example, take a quick perusal through our commercial fire sprinkler portfolio, published directly on our website. We’ve worked in some stunning resorts and retail stores all over the globe from our headquarters in the Bronx.

Locals will be very familiar with a couple of the landmark hotels where we’ve installed our fire suppression systems. The Melrose Hotel and the JFK Marriott both are protected by W & M sprinkler systems. And almost all of our blog readers will be familiar with the Toys “R” Us store in Manhattan’s Times Square. This incredibly imaginative retail space is guarded by sprinkler technology installed by our professional technical staff.

We’ve worked with clients from very diverse corners of the globe as well. Two hotel projects in the Middle East are also reflected in our commercial portfolio: the Leisure Hill and the Gefinor Plaza, both of Lebanon.

When the safety of your commercial storefront is in question, work with experts in fire suppression technologies whose expertise is requested all over the world. We live in a city that puts an expensive premium on real estate. Let W & M Fire Protection help you protect your important business investment for years to come.