New Sprinkler System Placed on Walls Instead of Ceilings

Since the creation of the first fire engine in the late 1600s, technological improvements have consistently provided us with the information and supplies needed to increase our safety when it comes to fires. The most recent fire safety development has been made by Plumis, a London-based manufacturer that recently introduced the Automist Smartscan.

A wireless system that has a heat sensor mounted on the ceiling of each room and a mister mounted on the wall, the Automist Smartscan will begin scanning if it detects temperatures higher than 135 degrees Fahrenheit. During its scan, the system will be able to target the source of the heat, directing its spray nozzle towards the flames and eliminating the fire without causing excess water damage.

A high-pressure system, the sprinkler employs a jet of water mist towards the fire, using only 10 percent of the water currently required to stop fires via sprinkler system.

The Automist system introduces a few unique features, the most interesting one being the tiny nozzle used to douse fires. Only three-fourths of an inch in diameter, the sprinkler is placed on walls instead of the traditional ceiling position.

Still being tested in the United States and England, the Automist is not yet for sale, but here at W & M Sprinkler we are interested in finding out what type of impact the system will have on fire safety.

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